Welcome to my MGBGT restoration project

I own a 1968 MGB GT that is generally in good condition, but it does need some panels swapping out and a general overhaul - so it is a good excuse to restore the car.

I have built this site to allow you to track my progress, and plan to keep a blog of my achievements (and frustrations) and a photo album (though I may forget to take the odd photo as I go through). I will be including many of the tips and tricks I have learned, and hopefully be able to share your tricks with others too.

I have also added a resources page which lists the books and videos I have used to help me understand my task. The restoration was due to start in September 2006, after the South Downs Run, and before the rust-inducing weather began, but a house move has stopped all restoration in its tracks - the move has now taken place, but we are only temporaily housed in rented accomodation so I am waiting until I am settled, with the car in its own garage before resuming work.

Please bookmark this page and return regularly to check on my progress.

Enjoy the site, and the restoration of a classic bit of British engineering.

Thom Poole

DDA Audit - AAA